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ADWATT 1.5 on täiuslik triatlonikiiver, mille puhul on saavutatud ideaalne kompromiss aerodünaamika, ventilatsiooni ja mugavuse vahel.

Põhinedes täiustatud testidel ja tehnoloogial ning parandades selle tõmbejõudu maanteel töötati välja ülivõimekas kiiver just eriti pikkadeks sõidusessioonideks.

HJC ADWATT ajasõidukiivrit kasutades alistasid Victor Campenaerts ja LOTTO SOUDAL UCI World Touri meeskond 2019. aasta aprillis UCI Tunnisõidu rekordi!

Suurus    S 51-56cm / 20-22″
                  M 55-59cm / 21.6-23.2″
                  L 58-63cm / 22.8-24.8″

Kaal         260g (±10) ainult kiiver
                  320g (±10) koos sirmiga


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Wind Tunnel Tested

HJC helmets are tested in the laboratory as well as in “real-life” to meet the highest quality standards. HJC is one of the very few helmet companies equipped with its own state-of-the-art wind tunnel laboratory to test aerodynamics, ventilation, noise, and more. The HJC wind tunnel test lab measures the air forces in a variety of riding conditions to improve helmet performance.

Aerodynamic Design

Coming from MotoGP race-helmet design experience, HJC designers and engineers have become experts in aerodynamics and wind ventilated helmets. Aero helmets, as the word implies, are more aerodynamic than the conventional racing bike helmet, but with compromised ventilation performance. With HJC Helmets, this compromise is very much reduced. HJC offers probably the best ventilated semi-aero helmet on the market…. Save Watts with HJC Helmets!

Ventury Dynamics

In order to achieve maximum ventilation, a technical adaptation of Bernoulli’s principle is applied to HJC’s aerodynamically enhanced models. In motion, the rate of surface flow generally increases as it progresses towards the rear of the helmet. Through pressure differences, cool air from the frontal intake is extracted through the rear vent for internal heat dissipation, giving the cyclist optimum ventilation and perfect air flow while riding.

In-Mold Construction

In-mold is a method consisting in bonding the EPS together with the outer polycarbonate shell for greater structural strength. This improves the rider’s protection by providing a compact reinforcement and gives the product a perfect finish.

Advanced Air Channel System

A certain amount of air passes through the front air-intake port, then circulates inside the helmet and finally exits through the exhaust port. The internal airflow is then increased to cool the head and evacuate the heat.


Aero Time Trial Helmets are equipped with a shield to improve the riders’ comfort and visibility, HJC’s aero helmets are engineered in order to have the same aerodynamic performances with and without a shield.


X-STATIC® is made by permanently bonding 99.9% metallic silver to the surface of a fiber. It is not a nanotechnology, or a complex chemical formula; X-Static is natural silver. The permanent performance of X-STATIC® keeps apparel smelling fresher for longer, even after multiple wear cycles between washings.

Internal structure reinforcement

The HJC helmet has a skeleton inside the EPS to reinforce the internal structure. This skeleton not only securely supports the helmet EPS in case of emergency, but also protects the head in the event of a crash by making it more resistant to impact.

Feather Light

HJC bicycle helmets are designed and engineered through precise measures to have the lightest weight possible. Density, placement, shapes and materials all play a part in weight optimization.


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