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2x Vittoria Barzo 29×2.1+ Finish Line FiberLink 240ml

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For mixed terrain conditions

This bundle consists of:

2x Vittoria Barzo TLR Fold 29×2.1 tire,
1x Finish Line FiberLink 240ml sealant.

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Riding technical XC? The Barzo is the choice of the 2020 World XCO Champion Jordan Sarrou. How can such an aggressive XC tire roll so fast? The magic of Barzo starts in the center tread, where we place an alternating ridge design, and progressive sipe angles. Cornering duties are handled by the moto-style block knobs, laid out in a proven V-formation. The result is a tire that corners as fast as it rolls, while still offering the protection of a full depth tread. Rocks and roots? No problem!

4C COMPOUND: XC tires need to deliver speed, control and durability. Vittoria 4C Graphene compounds are UCI XC World Championship proven, and are specifically formulated to give ultimate grip with the lowest possible rolling resistance, while still providing a long useful wear life. The center tread area uses two separate Graphene compounds; one at the base, and one at the surface. The base compound provides a stable foundation for climbing and braking loads, while providing protection from pinch flats and punctures. The surface compound is formulated to provide minimal rolling resistance, while delivering ultimate traction in both wet and dry conditions. The shoulder area of the tread also uses two separate Graphene compounds; one at the base, and one at the surface. The base compound provides a stable foundation for cornering loads, while providing protection from slices in the tread. The surface compound is formulated to provide ultimate cornering confidence, in both wet and dry conditions. All four Graphene 4C compounds work together to minimize tearing and extend useful wear life, in a range of terrain.

XC Race Casing (Tubeless TLR): XC-Race is the lightest casing option for Cross Country tires from Vittoria. XC-Race offers high performance and reliability wrapped in an extremely lightweight casing. It features Aramid tubeless-ready beads and a single Nylon 120 TPI layer: the ideal combination for a light and fast mtb casing.

About GRAPHENE technology in tires: Graphene is the innovative material used by Vittoria in compounds to improve performance of tires. Graphene is the world´s thinnest material but at the same time one of the strongest ever used for consumer applications. Made of a single hexagonal-shape layer of carbon atoms, Graphene interacts with rubber by filling the space in between the rubber molecules. It acts like a magnet, making rubber molecules closer to one another and improving the overall rubber structure. Graphene´s main properties are related to: Thinness / Strength / Flexibility / Lightness. Considering MTB tires, GRAPHENE 2.0 improves wet grip in all product lines.

Nylon Casing: Nylon is a robust and durable artificial fiber traditionally used for strong tire casings. Nylon threads are less thin than cotton ones, so casings have a lower number of threads per inch. The advantages of nylon casings is that they are strong and durable, extending the wear life of the casing. However, because it is an artificial fiber, it is not as supple (soft/flexible) as cotton.


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